Sami Obama

Sami Obama is an actor and Director. Sami is a graduate of Brave Studios and Youthworx Media 

Sami has performed in a number of feature films, short films, web series, and theatre. He recently played the leading role in a feature film ‘Found in a Dream’ Sami is not a person that waits for opportunities to arise but instead creates his own by surrounding himself around likeminded individuals to create content for different platforms ( e.g YouTube, Instagram , Facebook ). Sami’s popularity online soared after releasing a music video in which he performed traditional Ethiopian dancing. The video proved to be popular by gathering a whopping 4.5 million views in only 3 months. This inspired him to create ‘Jebena Genie’ an online web series adapted from the Disney classic Aladdin. Sami plays the eccentric, coffee loving Genie who grants wishes by performing traditional Ethiopian dances. Sami is currently producing Jebena Genie in partnership with Youthworx.