About Youthworx

Youthworx is a Melbourne-based social enterprise that trains and supports young people experiencing social or economic disadvantage or hardship,  through film-making, creative and commercial media production. 

Our program is for  young people aged who face multiple barriers to success, we pair an education program with meaningful paid work experience, equipping young people with life skills and technical work readiness skills.

As one of the only social enterprise models globally that engages the creative industries to educate and train  young people, our Youthworx Program provides a game-changing approach for Melbourne’s homeless and disadvantaged youth, empowering them through creative and accessible film making experiences that build their ability to lead independent, creative and confident lives.

Youthworx Program

In partnership with Melbourne Polytechnic, we run supported accredited training in Creative Industries for young people experiencing homelessness or disadvantage. We also host skill-based workshops for organisations and independent groups who want to develop their media skills.

Student Work

We make videos to communicate, to educate and to empower. Our students are given the tools they need to push themselves creatively and take initial steps towards a career in the media industries. See some of our previous graduates work. 

Our Clients Include

Over the past decade we have been fortunate to work with a huge number of wonderful and inspiring organisations. We have travelled far and wide to bring to life unique stories. These are some of the clients we have had the privilege of crafting stories for.

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News and Events

Catch up on the latest news as we shape and tell stories.

Our Partners

We are fortunate to be partnering with some fantastic organizations who are actively supporting our passion to challenge disadvantage through creative means.

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Organisations That Have Supported Us

Youthworx has received support from a number of fantastic organisations at various points in our evolution. We had initial seed funding from the Salvation Army that allowed us to get started. Since 2011 we have received core funding for our training program from the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments through the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness. We have also received wonderful support from a number of other great organisations.