Amelia Low Res

Amelia –

Amelia is a filmmaker, artist and photographer who has been working at Youthworx since 2014. They originally started as a trainee after completing their Cert III at Youthworx Media, before becoming a permanent employee six months later, and has been a valued member of the team ever since.

During Amelia’s time at Youthworx they have been involved in a countless number of client and independent projects that Youthworx has been a part of. They bring a sense of individualism to project they’re a part of, and have a creative eye for every shot they take, and every film they make. They take major pride in their work at Youthworx and love working with clients and meeting new people.

Prior to Youthworx, Amelia had a strong history in community involvement from a young age; participating in and coordinating countless numbers of community events and programs for marginalised young people through the Moreland FReeZA Committee, YGLAM Performing Arts, and the Oxygen Steering Committee. Recently, they were recognised for their efforts and were awarded a ‘Youth Contribution Award’ by Moreland City Council in 2016.

In Amelia’s spare time they dedicate themselves to fighting for equal rights for LGBT people, and raising awareness on how to combat everyday homophobia and transphobia. They believe in the freedom of education and loves organisations like Youthworx that base their philosophy around helping people and making the world a better place.