Youthworx is a project of Youth Development Australia, a public benevolent institution created by a group of leading thinkers and practitioners as a platform for change and a way of exploring, developing and trialing innovative youth initiatives.

After some initial promising trials based around radio production in 2002-3 the project struggled to attract support until the Salvation Army provided some seed funding that allowed Youthworx to establish a home in Brunswick in 2008 within a converted factory. Under the guidance of founding Manager Jon Staley and on the back of initial cross sectoral partnerships (SYN, SALVATION ARMY, NMIT Tafe, SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY) the project quickly gathered momentum and began establishing programs that could work effectively with the most marginalized young people in the community.

From day one Youthworx has been fuelled by seeking to have a creative, innovative response to the issue of youth homelessness and disadavantage. All of the outcomes at Youthworx have come from asking the question ‘how do we effectively use creative media production/engagement to transform the life possibilities of the most vulnerable young people?’ In response to this question Youthworx has gone on to establish a sustainable social enterprise model that seeks to marry the creative with the commercial.

You can learn more about the development and evolution of Youthworx from an academic perspective at the following links: