Our Voices

Our Voices is a youth-led initiative that empowers newly arrived or refugee young people to create films that are meaningful and enables self-representation on matters of concern. Participants use the power of film to express themselves through the development and sharing of positive and constructive alternative narratives.

Split Second

Split Second was a development project facilitated by Melbourne based social worker and violence educator Daniel Cocker and delivered in partnership with Youthworx and Bridgingworx. Split Second educates young people on violence recognition and prevention in both attitude and action through a workshopping program on respectful relationships. Split Second employed creative media to express a group’s relationship and perspectives on how violence impacts on themselves and their peer groups. Split Second seeks to start a conversation by challenging reactions towards potentially/outwardly violent situations using participant-group produced films. The films aim to challenge cultural norms among participants’ peer group and the wider young adult community. You can checkout the films that were made as part of this project by clicking the link below.

Blak Masterclasses

Blak Masterclasses was a filmmaking project run in partnership with Typecast Entertainment and the Compton School. BLAK Masterclasses was for First Nations Victorian creatives who are making content that is under-represented in the national culture, people working at the margins of traditional media.

The goal of the program is to give First Nation people new insights and tools to help them create content that breaks through barriers

Live up

Are you moving out for the first time? Are you not too sure how to do your washing? Are you scratching your head trying to figure out what you can cook with $10? Or are you about to start your career and you have no idea what to expect? Live Up is series of videos made by young people for young people on a range of topics related to dealing with stuff around growing up, moving out and moving on.

Check out the website here.

Inside InSite

InSite was a cross cultural and collaborative filmmaking project for young people run by Youthworx in 2012. Spanning 3 different groups over 12 months, with 30 young people and more than 10 cultures, InSite yielded 11 great participant-produced films and one documentary about the project produced by Youthworx Productions.